LimeWire Turbo 6.5.0

An accelerator for the application Limewire that allows turbocharged upload and download speeds

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Limewire Turbo is a faster and newer edition of the once wildly popular file sharing client that took on the music industry in 2010.

While Limewire definitely lost to the music industry, it didn't die completely. A dedicated team of developers kept working on the program after the music industry shut it down and today they've re-worked another program that is very much in the same spirit as one of the last great file sharing programs to take on music industry giants. The new version is much faster and already has a pretty dedicated fan base who wish to relive those old days when free music online was the exception and not the rule.

These days you can pay a few bucks and hear virtually any song in the world for free, usually with the artist's permission, but in the old days it was all about hide and seek. The songs hid somewhere in someone else's computer and they were shared with you via a file sharing program. Finding them was a real treat.

The original Limewire certainly did this better than just about any of the greats that shut down. Limewire Turbo doesn't have as large a library or nearly as large of a member base as the old file sharing programs but it definitely holds its own both for nostalgia and just pure charm. If you miss the Limewire of old, you might love this version.


  • A new version of the wildly popular Limewire is huge for the nostalgia factor
  • It's free and has a decent library of songs


  • Still probably not completely legal
  • Still going to face some unwanted software just for downloading

If you loved the original Limewire, this is a download you must get.

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